Diamond Polishing Tools

Download below our general catalogue about our diamond polishing tools and accessories for edge polishing machines. 

diamond polishing tools

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We’ve redesigned and simplified the range of our diamond polishing tools for acrylic because in BERMAQ, facilitating customers’ lives is one of our goals.

Several tools were previously required to perform the work with different materials, we have reduced to 5 the number of pencils to perform the same job as before, with the same results, allowing significant savings to the user.

All polishing tools are valid to work different materials: PET, WFP, PC, PS, POM, light metals…

The brown tool allows working with different materials: colour PMMA, extruded PMMA, minerals…

The number of cutting tools has been reduced from 4 to 1, thus if you have a plate with 4 holders for pencils, instead of using three cutting tools (1 white, 1 yellow, 1 black) and 1 for the finish, now it’s possible to combine 2 black polishing tools (cutting) and 2 finishing tools which yields a result a considerable increase in the production rate.