SG CNC Milling Machine

  • CNC milling machine SG

Detailed description:

Machining centre specifically designed for working soft materials such as polystyrene, resins and fibres at high speed. It is an ideal milling machine for patterns production and finishing/polishing the edges of a work-piece.

It covers the requirements of the nautical, automotive, aerospace, railway and scenography industries.

Thanks to the aerial guidance concept and modular structure, the SG milling machine is the perfect alternative for the machining of large work pieces since it uses its scope as working area.

Technical specifications:

  • Milling heads with different possibilities:
    • Polystyrene groups
    • High speed group
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Working area dimensions for the different ranges: Machine prepared to be equipped with 3 or 5 controlled axes
    • Length from 5000 to 10000 mm
    • Width 2600 mm
    • Maximum height 1250 mm (Z axis)


  • Nautical industry: hulls machining, nautical furniture and piers manufacture
  • Aeronautical industry: composites and aluminium pieces manufacture
  • Railway industry: aluminium profiles manufacture, furniture cutting for cars/coaches
  • Scenography industry: ornamental elements of big dimensions, advertising appeals and figures.