VISCOM New CNC Machining center

Detailed description

The new CNC milling machine VISCOM stands out for its great versatility.

Primarily designed for high-speed jobs on a wide variety of materials – plastic, wood, aluminum, resins, composites, etc – and different kinds of applications.

Its compact design makes it a robust and modular CNC milling machine.

Its structure enables an easy customization of the machine with optimal solutions following the production requirements of each client.

VISCOM CNC stands out for its easy handling, reliability, speed and great robustness.

Technical specifications

  • Machine equipped with 3 controlled axes.
  • Movable bridge structure
  • Movable control panel.
  • Working length: 3,100, 4,100, 5,100, etc. x 2,050 x 250 mm.
  • Milling head: 8kW to 15kW – ISO30 or HSK-F63; liquid or air cooling system.
  • Nominal speed: 12,000 rpm.
  • Maximum speed: 24,000 rpm.
  • Working Table: with phenolic resin grid table or micro perforated aluminum table.
  • Vacuum clamping system: 290 m³ / h Vacuum pump or 1,000 m³/h variable speed Super turbine.
  • Tool length-measuring device.
  • Automatic lubrication: ALS system.
  • CNC control system to choose from: OSAI, SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN.
  • Tool change: bridge 8 positions revolver, or bench 10 positions linear.
  • Movement speed:
    • X: 80 m / min
    • Y: 80 m / min
    • Z: 30 m / min


  • Graphic arts: luminous adverts, advertising panels, stand elements and engraving works
  • Industry: electrical appliances, composites, plastics, woods and metals machining
  • Construction: Corian, aluminium profiles, PVC and Alucobond for facades
  • Decoration: screens, carpets, advertising articles and gifts


  • Tabletop retractable stops
  • Air conditioning
  • 2 working areas
  • Pneumatic plugs
  • Air / liquid tool cooling – VIP4tools
  • Cold air tool cooling – Vortex