The CNC milling machine EURO 4 axis is a machining center designed for the wood sector. It is a tool suitable for drilling and milling operations in vertical, horizontal and inclined directions. Suitable for manufacturers of furniture, doors, windows, stairs, panels, etc.).

This CNC router has a phenolic resin slotted table designed to adapt rubber seals or special modules. The table, in turn, consists of threaded holes that act as individual vacuum sockets and where tools or other fixing devices can be attached. The front part of the machine is equipped with compressed air pneumatic connections.

Thanks to its multiple components, the EURO milling machine allows maximum production flexibility, greater speed and precision in machining and superior quality finishes. The operation of the machine is more comfortable and practical for the operator as it increases flexibility and production for the company and considerably reduces production costs.

The BERMAQ Twin CAM Bundle software is a powerful CNC program generator specially developed for the specific needs of woodworking machinery. With its practical graphic environment, the user can generate his own programs intuitively, simulate machining, easily configure tools and create his own macros.

The used EURO 4 axes is in perfect condition and available for immediate delivery in the BERMAQ® showroom. Ask for the exclusive price.

Característiques tècniques

  • Work area:
    • X: 5.300 mm
    • Y: 1,300 mm
    • Z: 350 mm
    • C: 360º
  • Number of work areas: 1 area (2 areas – optional)
  • Positioning speed:
    • X: 30 m/min
    • Y: 30 m/min
    • Z: 20 m/min
  • HSD ES 919L milling head:
    • Spindle power (at 9.000 rpm): 7,5kW 10,19CV
    • HSK-F50 Cone
    • Spindle cooling: Air
  • Revolver tool type change: 8 positions
  • Vacuum table: 250m3/h
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Numerical control: SIEMENS 810D
  • Cooling system in the electrical cabinet: Fan
  • Modem error diagnosis system: Teleassistance
  • Profibus connection system
  • Warranty 6 months