CNC machining centre SG-5 (USED)

Used SG-5 machining center specially designed for high-speed machining of a wide variety of materials (plastics, wood, aluminum, resins, composites, etc.) and applications. This industrial CNC machine stands out for its robustness, versatility, and quality, guaranteeing unequaled productivity. At the same time, its solid structure guarantees greater resistance to continuous work and high machining demands.

Its compact design makes it a robust and modular CNC milling machine. The sg-5 model has become one of the most popular models thanks to its ease of use, reliability, speed and, above all, the quality and precision of its finishes.

It is an ideal CNC milling machine for the production of models and the trimming of parts. It meets the needs of sectors such as naval, automotive, aerospace, railway, scenographic, etc.

The machine is in perfect working condition. Its operation and capabilities have been checked by our expert millers. We offer the second-hand SG-5 with immediate delivery and 6 months warranty.