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BERMAQ S.A. was formed in 1982, with headquarters near the city of Barcelona. It initially produced machines for the timber and timber products industry.

Later on, it started marking machines for the plastics industry, pioneering the development of machines for working with methacrylate and other non-ferrous materials.

Over the years, it has consistently applied high technology both to the design and the production of its machines, in response to the demands of a growing number of customers. This has enabled us to enter cutting-edge industries such as Aerospace, Marine and Wind Energy.

Under the name of WORLMAQ 3 s.l., the BERMAQ brand has embarked upon a new stage with major technological innovations and new models in all industries, but particularly in Aerospace and Plastics. The company’s mission is to constantly innovate and offer customers solutions for their problems.

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Technical Service

We have an experienced technical service with the capability to solve any incident involving our machines anywhere in the world, either directly from our factory or by giving support to our Distributors on all continents.

We offer:

  • On-line telephone service; many queries and problems can be solved using this service
  • Training and spare parts
  • Training in the programmes and machine operation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • On-site technical service


The company has a R&D department that is continuously generating innovations focused on market needs.

Before being shipped to the customer, all of our machines undergo a thorough quality control of the finish and its operation, to ensure that no problems occur after delivery. In the case of highly complex machines, the customer comes to the factory for a training course and to receive the machine.

Laser measuring equipment are used to guarantee the extremely high levels of accuracy required by industries such as Aerospace and Wind Energy.


The machining of all the parts, assembling and correct working of the machine are checked by our Quality Control Department which controls the different steps in the building of the machine. The Quality Control Department undertakes several tests under normal working conditions to check the machine correct operation.
The follow-up of the controls is carried out by statistical quality inspections in order to optimise the most important parts of the machine

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