Find the perfect bending machines in the wide range of SHANNON machines. Specially designed for clean and accurate bends in all types of thermoplastic materials such as acetylates, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PETG, Plexiglas, PVC, PC, ABS and PP in sheet form.

Some of the most outstanding models are the acrylic bending machine SHANNON HRT and SHANNON HRK. All acrylic benders from the dutch manufacturer are practical tools with versatile capabilities to suit all types of requirements.

From basic models like SHANNON HR acrylic bender with 1 heating element and manual folding to automatic plexiglass benders like SHANNON HRP, equipped with 4 lower and 4 upper profiles, timer, foot pedal and safety system. Besides, all models with cover have an adjustable presser that prevents the lifting and deformation of the sheet during the bending process, ensuring maximum quality. SHANNON folding machines can heat and fold all kinds of thermoplastics, such as acrylic, styrene, polycarbonate, PMMA, PETG, PVC, etc.

Why choose an acrylic bending machine from SHANNON?

Because SHANNON bending machines are practical and functional tools, able to adapt to the needs of any project. Thanks to the great range of models available, we can choose between manual, semi-automatic and automatic bending machines, with lower or lower/upper heating, temperature and height-adjustable heating elements, adjustable reflectors, etc. Each one of the acrylic bending machines has different functionalities and great versatility.

All of this allows them to achieve perfect bending. But, also, it is possible to reach a 100% custom-made machine for each project with the SHANNON bending machine accessories.

Producing pieces with multiple folds such as letter displays, brochures, supports, labels or label holders, among others, is very easy and fast with the acrylic benders, also known as trespa machines.

These SHANNON plastic folders are capable of processing sheets from 1mm to 12mm thick, making them suitable for a wide range of jobs. Thanks to the adjustable high-strength and long-lasting profiles, the heated surface can be increased. This makes possible a smooth and precise turning of thicker film.

Speed up the production of PVC supports, acrylic protective screens, label holders or other acrylic items with the thermoplastic bending machines available from BERMAQ. Resistant machines, with a guarantee of high quality and durability that will not only help you improve your production time, the quality of the finishes as well.

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