The machining of all the parts, assembling and correct working of the machine are checked by our Quality Control Department which controls the different steps in the building of the machine.

Sharpening Service within 24h

In Bermaq we are aware that time is important, therefore, we sharpen ourselves the diamond tools for polishing, so we can guarantee a fast service for the customer. After receiving the tools, we sharpen them, check that they work properly and send them back to their owner within 24 hours.


The company has an R&D department which, through continuous innovations, is focused on changing market needs to manufacture high quality and vanguardist technology machines. Before being shipped to the customer, all of our machines undergo thorough quality control of the finish and its operation, to ensure that no problem occurs after delivery. In the case of highly complex machines, the customer visits the factory for a training course and to receive the machine.


Global Distribution Point

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