Manual, automatic and CNC machines for milling, polishing and bending materials such as aluminium, composite, wood, polystyrene and especially acrylic.

We manufacture CNC machinery since 1982 to help our customers improve the quality and production times of their industrial processes.

Thanks to our R+D team, we have managed to remain leaders in the CNC machine market with continuous developments and innovations focused on covering the needs of all our customers’ projects. And today, we are still doing it.

From day one we have applied high technology to the design and production of our numerical control machines. In this way, we have ensured that each and every BERMAQ machine has the latest advances in order to be more efficient, functional and, of course, unbeatable in high-quality final results.

This excellence in manufacturing industrial CNC machines has made our customers demand the highest commitment and quality, so we have introduced ourselves in sectors as important as the Aeronautical, Nautical or Wind Energy, building machinery and machining centres unique in the world.

BERMAQ stands out especially for the manufacture of CNC milling machines, capable of working all sectors (aluminium, composite, wood, polystyrene or acrylic), and edge polishing machines, undisputed leaders thanks to their innovative designs and extraordinary quality of finishes.


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