Experts in edge polishing machines with more than 35 years of experience. We manufacture, design and distribute diamond edge polishers for plastics (PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN), acrylics, methacrylates and aluminium all over the world. In addition, we also manufacture our own diamond polishing tools.

Our range of diamond polishing machines polish the machined areas of plastic and non-ferrous materials to obtain a finish equal to the original surface. Glossy, smooth and clear pieces with a single pass through a BERMAQ polishing machine.

We are specialists in edge polishing machines with more than 35 years of experience in the sector, offering from the first day the maximum quality, design and innovation for all BERMAQ® machines.

In our diamond polishing machines, you will find acrylic polishers with different sizes and adapted to all the needs of our customers. Straight and bevelled polishing. Flame polishing machine for curved parts. Polishing system with patented diamond tools to improve and increase production.

Edge Polishing machines for acrylic and aluminium, leaders since 1982.

In BERMAQ®, do not only develop and manufacture machines to polish the acrylic, but we also research every day about improvements and accessories that could help our customers to find a machine that fits 100% to their needs. All our models have a range of accessories to increase their efficiency according to the project. However, our customers can request custom accessories to complete the polishing machine with the necessary characteristics and capacities.

Since 1982, at BERMAQ® we have been continuously researching and innovating in the manufacture of machines for acrylic edge polishing. During all this time, we have succeeded in patenting state-of-the-art technological systems such as the Buffing System or the Turbo Polishing Tool and in manufacturing our own diamond polishing tools.

We manufacture our own diamond tools and complements for acrylic polishing machines in order to guarantee an unbeatable high-quality finish of the pieces. We have a simplified and redesigned range of tools to make our customers’ work easier. In addition, we have a sharpening and repair service for polishing tools in 24 hours.

Thanks to these advances and the team of professionals working at BERMAQ®, we are world leaders in the manufacture of CNC edge polishers, such as our model AMI-C or AM2-i, and automatic polishers such as our revolutionary model BOX. A portable edge polishing machine unique in the world, developed by our engineering and R&D department over the years that have proved to be a real breakthrough for many companies. Its small size, its versatility, its easy transport and its high-quality polishing make this portable polisher a revolution in the sector.

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