Acrylic & plastic

The wide range of Bermaq machining centres for acrylic plastic has all the specifications required by its sector and other related industries. High performance, high reliability, robustness, high productivity warranty, versatility, flexibility and constant technological innovation are some specifications to be highlighted on Bermaq machining centres. Amongst the wide variety of Bermaq’s products, it is possible to find a solution that best suits our customer’s needs.


Bermaq machining centres are specially designed for machining, countouring, drilling, modelling and carving different sizes of plastic pieces. Our wide experience over 25 years has enabled us to create machines for the widest range of applications in different industries.

  • Packaging: boxes, containers, trays, tool holder boxes
  • Automotive: board milling, bumpers, dashboards, foams, carpets
  • Nautical: Inner furniture elements
  • Aeronautical: fibres and composites machining for different elements

Machines by sector

Polishers · Bending machines · Milling machines

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