Acrylic Bending Machine AFF/D

The automatic acrylic bending machine AFF/D 135 is the improved version of the AFF 135: 2 folds instead of 1. With the acylic bender AFF/D several sheets can be folded at once, or 1 sheet can be folded to a length of 135 cm. Ideal for large series. Easy to operate. For thin sheets. Perfect result.

See accessories for special tooling, lower support structures and special folding profiles for a bender to another level.


Easy to operate this automatic thin sheet plastic bender.  It allows the adjustment of your hot threads, creases and cooling time. Ideal for large series. Calibration angle adjustment. Perfect result, also for large lengths. Provided with adjustable rear stop. Digital temperature control in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The acrylic bending machine AFF/D 135 is the same machine as the AFF 135 with 2 adjustable bending lines. 2 folds can be made at the same time. 1 single fold is also possible. Distance between folds from 50 mm to 460 mm.

  • 2 adjustable electronic heating elements
  • An electronic timer and a foot pedal to control the entire bending cycle.
  • 2 angle control conveyors for each fold.
  • Durable table surface equipped with an adjustable rip fence.
  • Mobile machine stand for the ideal working height.
  • 2 vacuum pumps and pressure bars to prevent the plastic sheets from moving. One of the hot wires and one of the vacuum pumps can be switched off if only one fold is required.
  • 2 heating profiles of 3 mm in Teflon. Can be easily replaced by others of different size.

The front hot wire and vacuum system can be moved to an exact millimeter position to increase or decrease the distance between the 2 folds.

Composition: includes 2 heating elements of 3mm each.
Working length: 1.350 mm
Foil thickness: 0.2 – 1.0 mm (standard heating element)
Maximum thickness: 1.5mm (wider heating element)
Distance between 2 folds: 50 / 460 mm
Angle adjustment: 0º – 180º
Hotwires: 2
Maximum power: 1.200 W
Electrical connection: 110 to 230 Volt.