FCF CNC Milling Machine

  • cnc milling machine fcf

Detailed description:

Computerized Numerically Controlled Machining Centre (CNC) prepared for large productions. Optionally, two moving tables are available to allow an uninterrupted production.

It mainly produces small or medium parts on wood, derived products and resins. Its main users are furniture manufacturers (classical, Kitchen and bathroom furniture), manufacturers of modular parts and professionals of the funeral industry.

Technical specifications:

  • Machine with 3 to 5 controlled axes
  • Milling heads to work wood and its derived products
  • ISO-30 or HSK-F63 cones
  • Working table with different dimensions:
    • Length from 2000 to 4000 (2 tables)
    • Width from 1500 to 2000 mm
    • Working height of the Z axis from 250-450 mm
  • Vacuum pump 140 m3 /h o 250 m3 /h
  • Automatic lubrication
  • CNC Siemens
  • Custom manufacturing according client specifications


  • Straight sawing aggregate at 90º or tilting aggregate with different possibilities
  • Straight milling aggregate at 90º or tilting aggregate with different possibilities
  • Multiple drilling aggregate


  • Tables
  • Wood chairs
  • Wood beds
  • Coffins

Additional Heads:

  • Multiple drilling unit
  • Sawing unit 0/45º 0/90º
  • Automatic screwdrivers
  • Fixed angular milling head or controlled by the CNC 360º

Optional Accessories:

  • Automatic tool change
  • C axis for aggregates