Link CNC Machining center

Detailed description:

New range of machining centres including 3 or 5 axes. Its structure is compact, powerful, versatile and easy to handle for the machining at high speed of non-ferrous materials (technical plastics, thermoformed plastics and their by-products). The machine has a strong moveable gantry that guarantees high speed working as well as a high precision and quality finishing.

Its casing provides complete insulation of moving parts which grants an enormous additional level of safety and environmental cleanliness (noise, fumes, etc). The table structure permits easier loading and unloading of the machined parts.

Technical specifications:

  • Machine equipped with 1 working area
  • Working area dimensions:
    • Working length from 2 000, 4 000, 6 000 mm (X axis)
    • working width 1 650 mm (Y axis)
    • Working height 800 mm (Z axis)
  • C Axis = +/- 200º (Harmonic Drive)
  • A  Axis= +/-110º (Harmonic Drive)
  • Axes speed:
    • C Axis: 9 000º / min.
    • A Axis: 9 000º / min.
    • X Axis maximum positioning speed of 60 m/min
    • Y Axis maximum positioning speed 60 m/min
    • Z Axis maximum positioning speed 40 m/min
  • 8 kW (10,86 HP) liquid-cooled motor
  • Nominal speed: 10 000 rpm
  • Maximum speed: 36 000 rpm
  • HSK / E40 tool tapers
  • Siemens CNC 840 D


This machine is intended for the automotive, nautical, aerospace sectors and those industries specialised in moulds and patterns manufacturing.