Cream200 Hot wire cutting machine

  • hot wire cutting machine


Pantograph cutter graphic series – Cream200

This machine has been projected and developed for the visual communications sector. Due to both its reasonable size and affordable cost, it is ideal for graphic design studios, architectural and design firms.

Thanks to its 2 axis system and its rotating table, the Cream200 machine can also cut tridimensional shapes.

Equipped with the powerful and intuitive CAD/CAM Nettuno software , operators can make complex cuts in a fast and easy way. Thus, it can be a good choice for both professional or unskilled operators.

Technical Specifications

  • Recirculationg all bearing guides
  • Vertical lathe
  • Maximum speed: 10.00 mm / min
  • Cutting area:
    • X axis: 2.000  mm
    • Y axis: 1.250  mm
  • Wire length: 700  mm
  • Number of Axles: 3
  • Handheld keypad
  • Digital screen(optional)

Software Specifications

  • CAD/CAM Nettuno software
  •  Corel Draw plug-in
  • 5 axles function
  • Path tools
  • 3D View
  • Segment cutting mode function for radius and elipse bending
  • Electronic catalogue with columns and frames included


  • PC with Windows, monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • X4 Corel Draw (license inc.)


  • 24 months guarantee