Infinity Hot wire cutting machine

  • infinity hot wire


The Infinity Series consists of a range of computerized machines which, by using a “hot wire cutter” system”, are utilized in the manufacture of both extruded and foamed polystyrene.

Its machines are are innovative, high-resistant, operational. They come with easy-to-use intuitive interfaces. Thus eliminating the costly and long periods of training.

Thanks to its dynamism, the Infinity series not only moves its axles in different directions, but also expands its working range from 1.300 to over 4.200 mm.


  • Aluminum structure
  • Recirculating ball bearing guide
  • Sliding working-top
  • X1-Y1: 1300 – 4200 mm
  • glass work top
  • Horizontal lathe
  • Vertical lathe
  • Carver (for slots and decors)
  • Maximum speed: 25,000 mm / min
  • Cutting area:
    • X axis: 1,900-2850 mm
    • Y axis: 220-1250 mm
  • Cable length 1300-4200 mm
  • Number of axles: 5-6
  • Built-in wire coil
  • Cutting wire temperature controlled by microprocessor
  • Cable equipped with traction clutch
  • Servomotor
  • Independent axis interpolation (for conical cutting)
  • Handheld Keypad (operator termninal)

Software Specifications

  • Plug-in Corel draw
  • 5 axle function
  • Path tools
  • Cutting driver with double preview and video joystick
  • 3D View
  • Segment cutting mode function for radius and ellipse bending
  • Electronic catalogue with columns and frames included
  • Software update


  • PC with Windows, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Corel Draw X4 with license included
  • New software functions


  • Remote connection assistance included for months
  • Design project development included (3 months)
  • Guarantee 12 months