Hot wire cutting machine PLOT250

Hot wire cutting machine PLOT 250 of √SQR series model is specific for building industry. It is the ideal combination for those who have important production needs but do not have enough space at their disposal. With a cutting area of X 2.500 mm , Y 1.210mm, Z(wire length) 2.000mm, it allows production exploiting all sides of the block. In fact, you can easily cut the standard blocks available on the market with approximate sizes 1,000mm x 1,200mm x 2,000mm. Consequently, the user will decide whether to perform cuts with extrusion equal to the entire extent of any side of the block, depending on their needs instead of  the cutting limits of the system. Hot wire cutting machine PLOT 250 is already equipped with the System with Four Independent Axis.


Technical Specifications

  • Cutting area (mm):  X = 2.500 / Y = 1.210 / Z = 2.000
  • Axis speed:   10.000 mm/min
  • Accuracy:   +/- 0.05
  • Number of axis:   4
  • Wire:  0.32
  • Frame:   Powder coated steel
  • Dimensions (mm):  3.183 (L)  x 1.915 (H) x 2.355 (W)

In-package included

  • CorelDraw X4 with licence
  • Plug-in Nettuno for creating projects
  • Nettuno Cutter for precision cutting


  • Frames
  • Columns
  • Capitals
  • 3D lettersigns
  • 3G logos
  • Signs
  • Decorations for parties and shops
  • Stage Scenery and Props
  • Themes &Amusement Parks
  • Foam Molding


Pantograph Cutter Plot250 is a starting level CNC hotwire foam cutter, highly recommend for the Start-up who wants to start running the business of cutting and modeling expanded and extruded polystyrene.

With this hot-wire cutting machine, you will be sure to get a professional CNC foam cutting with a low investment. It is able to work in many different business industries dealing with EPS and XPS, because of its large cutting area.

This machine is suggested for making decorative foam elements, foam cornices, pillars, columns, polystyrene moldings, Styrofoam sculptures, 3d Logos, signs, billboards, scenography, movie set, packaging, party decorations.
Is important to underline that, the affordable cost of this machine is not affecting the high quality, guaranteed for all of the cutting machines Nettuno Sistemi.

Plot250 represents today the combination of feedbacks coming from our customers worldwide and the research of our team for creating the most advanced and powerful CNC hotwire foam cutting machines. Is the perfect CNC foam cutting machine for making “small” and “medium” size productions made of styrofoam. It can also be adapted if requested for large productions.

The open structure of hot wire cutting machine Plot250 allows the operator to process easily any kind of cuts EPS / XPS polystyrene.

Nettuno introduced the concept of “open frame structure” more than 10 years ago, with the model Infinity and continued now to offer this solution with the foam cutting machine Plot250.