Edge polishing machine AM2-i

The edge polishing machine AM2-i is an efficient and versatile tool, capable of performing multiple tasks by mixing automatic and manual functions. This machine for processing plastics and acrylic (PMMA) stands out for its flexibility of use and its economical price. It can be used to polish the acrylic edges completely straight or in bevels up to +45 °.

As with all our polishing machines, and thanks to BERMAQ® diamond tools, the acrylic polisher AM2-i guarantees an unbeatable finish. Glossy, smooth and clear edges give every piece an extra touch of appearance and quality. Machine with an excellent quality-price relation.


Technical specifications

  • Useful length: 1400 mm
  • Maximum thickness of the piece: 120 mm
  • Milling motor speed: 5.000 rpm – 10.000 rpm
  • Feed motor speed:  500 mm/min – 10.000 mm/min
  • Min/max machining angle: -2º / +45º
  • Clamps: five (5) units
  • Outer machine dimensions: 2200 x 1200 x 1500 mm
  • Power supply:  230 VAC 3Ph // 380 VAC 3Ph+N // 50 / 6O Hz
  • Tools included:
    • EIMQ-131003-LA: for clear finish (red)
    • EIMQ-131001-LA: precutter tool (black)


  • Methacrylate exhibitor policy
  • Methacrylate decorative elements
  • Elements for stands
  • Gifts and jewellery


Machine designed for the machining and polishing of methacrylate PMMA workpieces. This model appeals to the user that requires a flexible and affordable machine without sacrificing its quality finishing.

It is equipped with a manually tilting head that enables up to +45º angle jobs. Along with an automatic depth feed motor and a touch screen, this allows for easy user-friendly operation.