Edge polishing machine AMI-C

The AMI-C edge polishing machine is advanced of its time. It has combined state-of-the-art technological content with extraordinary flexibility and outstanding usability. The extensive experience of BERMAQ® has allowed developing multiple functionalities for this CNC polishing machine focused on satisfying the world of acrylic and plastic polishing, achieving faster, more precise, and versatile processes and, above all, with excellent quality results.

Thanks to the most recent update of the AMI-C in 2020, new operations are incorporated to improve the user experience with the edge polisher, offering more polishing functionalities and allowing obtaining the superior finishes characteristic of our diamond tools.


Technical specifications

  • Working length: 2100 or 3100 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 120 mm
  • Maximum depth: 4 mm
  • RPM milling: 5.000 / 12.000 rpm
  • Milling speed: 500 – 10.000 mm/min
  • Load speed: 0 – 20 m / min
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Suction diameter: 80 mm
  • Number of clamps: std 5 / std 7 units
  • Weight: 1,950 / 2,150 kg
  • Milling angle range: from –2º to +60º
  • Installed power: 8,5 kW
  • Precision depth electronically adjustable: +/- 0,05 mm
  • High precision guide
  • Tool cabinet
  • Structural steel caucus stabilized
  • Fixed support table
  • 4-housing polishing disk of interchangeable tools
  • Black PCD tool for the pre-cutting pass
  • Red PCD tool for the transparent finishing
  • Counterweights for 4-housing polishing disk
  • Remote-controlled service: includes industrial router for maintenance and repair work


  • Renewed screen appearance.
  • Multiple beveled machining (rounded shape).
  • Possible only rag working mode.
  • Maintenance position + maintenance warning by hours.
  • Diagnosis screen of the machine’s motors (voltages, consume, temperatures…) in real-time and in graphic + PLC inputs/outputs + electric diagrams of inputs and outputs integrated to the HMI.
  • Calculation of machining time + process bar during the cycle.
  • Machining assistance screens integrated into the HMI.


  • Automatic tilt head:
    • Automatic tilt head
    • Automatic clamps support system
    • Automatic passes
    • Final pass finishing
  • Automatic tilt reference screen:
    • Can tilt/bend angles 0º – 45º
    • Bevel polishing different pieces and thickness at one time
  • Patented buffing system with band:
    • Fully automatic
    • Automatic polishing paste application
    • Automatic buffing different angles
  • Additional support movable table
  • Rectified parallelogram system


  • Methacrylate display stand polishing
  • Methacrylate decoration elements
  • Stand elements
  • Gifts and jewellery


The AMI-C acrylic polisher is the first fully automated diamond polishing machine. Allows polishing the edges of the methacrylate pieces, PMMA , PVC, PC, and other materials automatically, improving production times and more professional finishes. Likewise, this CNC polishing machine is able to increase productivity by polishing several pieces piled up at the same time. Thus, the fact of polishing several plastic pieces at the same time makes the production process much more cost-efficient, since it is possible to multiply the results without increasing efforts or resources.

Outstanding features

One of the most attractive features of this acrylic and methacrylate edge polisher from BERMAQ® is that it has a tilting head that can polish angles of up to 60°. You can use the angle polishing option with several pieces piled up. It is also capable of polishing several angles on the same side without reducing the quality of the finish. With this functionality, we obtain exclusive pieces with great aesthetic thanks to its multiple glossy bases.

Another feature for which the AMI-C acrylic polisher is known is its Buffing System (patented) which is offered as an option of the machine. This original and unique system in the market allows removing the marks of the protective film or glue leaving an unbeatable finish. A smooth, shiny, and clear finish is achieved that is impossible with other processes. In fact, with the 2020 upgrade, a rag-only working mode is offered.

Finally, the AMI-C bevelling machine stands out for its particularly sophisticated design that considers both simplicity of use and efficiency during the process. With different combinations, it allows the operator to overcome the highest production requirements. Moreover, with the combination of modules and applications, it is possible to get the machine tailored to any need. The experience of the team, the quality of the components, and the technology used results in a precise, intuitive, safe, and solving machine.

Unique edge polishing machine for methacrylate

If you are looking for a fully automatic CNC polishing machine that will exponentially reduce polishing time and, above all, improve the quality of your workpieces finishes, the BERMAQ® AMI-C is definitely your machine.

Discover with our range of diamond tools the different finishing options that will allow you to achieve unique pieces against the competition. All our acrylic polishers work with BERMAQ® tools.