Mini edge polishing machine BOX

Exclusive BOX methacrylate polishing machine with reduced dimensions capable of achieving high-quality finishes. The BOX is a portable desktop machine created for polishing the edges of methacrylate, PC, aluminum, resins, PMMA, and other non-ferrous materials. Thanks to its original BERMAQ diamond tools, this mini polisher achieves transparent and shiny finishes effortlessly. It is ideal for polishing small parts.

The small volume of the machine, in addition to its two handles, allows it to be easily moved. Affordable for both the fabricator who polishes small parts and the installer who needs to do the finishing touches on-site.


Technical Specifications

  • Working length: 700 mm
  • Automatic feeding
  • Workpiece hold-down system: clamp
  • Maximum thickness: 20 mm
  • Cutting depth: 0,5 mm
  • Motor speed: from 18,000 rpm*
  • Feed speed: from 0 to 1,50 m/min
  • Power supply: 220 V 1PH+n // 50/60 Hz
  • Outer machine dimensions: 663 x 325 x 375 mm
  • Weight: 15 Kg.
  • Tension: 700W
  • CE  Safety Standards


  • Polishing methacrylate orPMMA display stand
  • Methacrylate or PMMA decoration elements
  • Stand elements
  • Gifts and jewellery

Special Accessories


Tools Included:

  • PCD Pre-cutter and polishing tool for the clear transparent finish (black/red): 1 unit


The BOX diamond polishing machine has become a revolution among manufacturers of acrylic parts thanks to its small dimensions, its great potential, and its unbeatable quality of finishes.

It is a pioneering machine in the plastic polishing market because it allows achieving top-of-the-range results but with a much lower investment. In addition, thanks to its compact size, it takes up very little space, can be located anywhere, and is easily transportable, making it a multipurpose and functional machine. It is a great investment for those companies that need to differentiate themselves from their competitors since the BOX will offer them a strong advantage in the quality of the finishes.

It is characterized by its great versatility when polishing a wide variety of materials (methacrylate, acrylic, PC, aluminum, resins, PMMA, and other non-ferrous materials) and achieving an unbeatable result in each of them. The finishes achieved with this machine are easily identifiable thanks to the gloss, smoothness, and transparency achieved. This high quality on all surfaces is due to the diversity of BERMAQ® diamond tools (possibility of different finishes).

Other qualities that have led it to be sold worldwide are its accessibility since its cost is much more affordable and provides excellent value for money; and its functionality, since it adapts to both the manufacturer who polishes small parts and the installer who needs to make the finishing touches on-site. In addition, it is possible to polish several parts at the same time using a few simple tweezers, which makes the polishing process much faster and more efficient. The BOX edge polisher also eliminates manual polishing tasks, saving time for other tasks and eliminating costly labor to be reinvested in other processes.

This portable tabletop edge polisher is sold with chip suction included and with a set of diamond tools as standard (cutting and clear finish). Sold exclusively through the manufacturer (BERMAQ®) and officially certified distributors. The BOX methacrylate polishing machine is unique in the world. Manufactured entirely in Spain with European parts, the BOX has no competitors.

The BOX edge polishing machine for acrylic plexiglass is a pioneer in the market for polishing plastics and soft materials, as it allows to achieve top-of-the-range results but with a much lower investment. It is equipment created to achieve maximum transparency. It is capable of achieving extraordinary results on a wide range of materials, from PMMA to Solid Surface (see table).

This BERMAQ® machine has become a revolution in the world of methacrylate because of its great versatility in polishing different materials, its high performance, and, of course, the high quality of finishes it offers.

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