Thermoplastic bending machine AFF 135

Highly productive automatic AFF 135 thermoplastic bending machine for handling thin plastic sheets.  This acrylic bender can bend several sheets at the same time, or bend a sheet up to 1350 mm (length) at one time. It can bend materials from 0.2 to 1.5 mm (0.2 to 1.5 mm).

It has 1 automatic adjustable folding line with angle adjustment by protractor.  It stands out for its ease of use and its fast heating for time optimization.

The AFF series for methacrylate is equipped with a Teflon-coated heating sword. Its temperature and contact time are electronically adjustable with high precision.

dobladora metacrilato aff 135

Bending machine for methacrylate and thermoplastics AFF 135

The bending of thermoplastics, e.g. methacrylate, PVC, PC, PS, etc. has always been a challenge to achieve strong and firm products in a limited time. With the thermoplastic bending machine AFF 135 from the manufacturer SHANNON, this task becomes easier, due to multiple operations for a large number of jobs.

This acrylic and thermoplastic bending machine is equipped with a side stop. Both the temperature and the working height of the heating element are adjustable. The plastic bending machine AFF 135 is especially suitable for bending very thin sheets, a special bending profile can be fitted (see accessories).

The contact blades of this bending machine are replaceable by blades of different sizes, depending on the desired radius of the bends. It is also equipped with a vacuum system that keeps the sheets in place and flat during heating, bending and cooling.  The bending cycle is initiated with a foot switch. The sheets are then automatically heated, folded and cooled in the set time.

Each bending line has a protractor to set the correct bending angle, achieving 100% accurate bending.

The machine is supplied with a movable lower table with brakes for ideal working height. Easily movable.

Características técnicas AFF135
Tipo AFF 135
Proceso Doblado de plástico
Tipo de máquina Máquina de doblado
Tipo de modelo Para suelo
Construcción 1 línea de doblado automática
Método de flexión Automático
Líneas de plegado Línea individual
método de calentamiento Por un solo lado
Longitud de trabajo  1350 mm
Espesor de trabajo 0,2 – 1,5 mm.
Calefacción superior 1 línea de calefacción de contacto
Modular extensible No
Numero de pinzas 1
uso eléctrico 600 Watt
Voltaje de conexión voltios 230
Dimensiones (LxWxH) 1540 x 880 x 640 mm.
Peso 150 kg.