mini pulidora portatil

We present the new acrylic polishing machine for acrylic and methacrylate, the mini portable polisher with chip extraction included, gave a high-quality finish. This small polisher, ideal for polishing small pieces, can be easily moved thanks to the incorporation of two handles and its lightweight.

The BOX mini plastic polisher works with a patented diamond tool polishing system to improve and increase production. This system allows this portable tabletop machine to achieve high-quality finishes equal to a high-performance methacrylate polisher. It allows obtaining more translucent, clear and brilliant methacrylate screens with a simple pass through the bands of the acrylic polisher BOX. The BOX acrylic polishing machine can be positioned both vertically and horizontally for comfortable work wherever you are.

The small volume of this acrylic trimmer makes working with small pieces comfortable, fast and practical. Moreover, it allows working several pieces at the same time in the same pass, speeding up the work and optimizing the production times. Thanks to its two side handles, it is possible to easily move the grinder without effort.

Polishing machine for acrylic suitable for polishing plastics (PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN), acrylics, methacrylates and aluminium. Due to its compact size and easy handling, it is perfect both for the manufacturer who polishes small parts, and for the installer who needs to make the final touches on-site. Perfect for polishing methacrylate displays, decorative elements made of thermoplastics, elements for stands, gift items and jewelry, etc. Suitable for all types of PMMA, PC, PS, PETG, SAN, PP, PE, POM and light metals such as aluminium, bronze or copper.

maquina polidora
pulidora de cantos BOX
pulidora para metacrilato mini


Delivered with a black + red diamond tool (transparent finish).

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