pulidora de cantos box extender
accesorio pulidora de cantos

New accessory that allows the BOX edge polisher, the most compact polishing machine in the market, to polish large pieces guaranteeing high-quality finishes. Exclusive BERMAQ®.

The new BOX EXTENDER allows you to polish large parts in a small machine, which means that you can work as if you had a CNC methacrylate polishing machine but with a much more economical investment.  Thanks to this, the small BOX with its new EXTENDER accessory allows you to multiply production capacities at a minimum cost.

Of course, the quality of the finishes is the same thanks to our own diamond tools.

polishing machine acrylic


Despite its small size, the box can be operated with a 1m x 1m acrylic sheet.  The EXTENDER allows you to be more flexible with the size of the acrylic panels to be polished.

We believe that the mini edge polisher BOX with the new EXTENDER accessory is a great opportunity to invest.

With it it is possible to obtain, with a minimum cost, a machine capable of polishing large pieces, maintaining the quality of the finishes and all this in a reduced size machine (portable).

Our BOX polishing machine is a revolution in the world of acrylic polishing since it allows to follow high-quality finishes (the same as a CNC methacrylate polishing machine, but occupying a very small space, so much so that it is easily transportable.

Many of our customers were very satisfied with the results, but sometimes they needed to polish larger pieces, and the mini edge polisher for methacrylate needed addition to guaranteeing its smooth, shiny and transparent finishes.

So, after a time of development, research and testing, we found a way to polish large pieces with a mini polisher and, of course, maintain the high-quality finishes that characterize the BERMAQ brand.

Now our portable edge polishing machine is able to be even more versatile and flexible than before, allowing both the manufacturer who polishes small pieces and the installer who needs to make the final touches in-situ to achieve unbeatable finishes on both small parts and large plates.

See more about the BOX EXTENDER accessory.

pulidora metacrilato cnc
pulidora de cantos para metacrilato extender


  • Reference screens with anti-wear treatment and leveling feet.
  • Structure in ITEM® aluminium profiles.
  • ITEM® roller track.
  • Tools for assembly and adjustment.
  • Machine width: 3,150cm
  • Machine height: 870cm
  • Maximum width of the piece: 20mm.
  • Recommended piece size: 1m x 1m.