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At BERMAQ® we manufacture our own polishing tools to ensure that all our acrylic edge polishers deliver the highest quality results. All our tools are made of diamond (PCD and MCD).

In addition, we offer all our customers a 24-hour sharpening service, both for BERMAQ® tools and those of other manufacturers.

The high-quality of the finish of our polishing machines is largely due to our diamond tools, which are manufactured entirely in Spain by our experts.

We have reduced to 5 the number of pencils to carry out the same works as before without losing quality in the results, which allows an important saving.

More comfortable, less cost, super finishes.

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Thanks to our experienced team and our more than 35 years in the sector, we have been able to develop, manufacture, and polish our own tools. After years of research and testing, we have achieved 100% effective diamond tools for polishing acrylics and plastics. These tools are the ones that nowadays allow us to be placed in the market as one of the main manufacturers of diamond tools and also as the main manufacturers of automatic and CNC acrylic polishing machines.

Our tools have been exclusively designed to work with BERMAQ® machines. We have several models depending on the desired finish, and we have several tool-holder plates depending on the customer’s needs.

The range of tools for acrylic polishing has been reduced to 5 pencils. With these tools it is possible to carry out the same work as before but without losing any quality. This advance means an important saving in tool costs since it is possible to change the tool’s function just by changing the finishing blade.

Each and every BERMAQ® tool has been designed to machine all kinds of materials such as PET, PMA, PC, PS, POM, light metals, etc.  Always to guarantee an excellent polishing that completely eliminates possible glue or other scratches.

With BERMAQ’s diamond tools, in a single pass, it is possible to achieve unbeatable finishes, without the need for other grinding processes. The fact that no extra treatments are needed speeds up production times and make the process more profitable.


herramienta spt

After extensive research and in order to offer a better service to our customers, we present the new BERMAQ® SPT polishing tool. Advanced in time, with an innovative diamond tool change, fast, efficient, and safe.

Developed thanks to more than 30 years of experience as manufacturers, being pioneers in the world market, the BERMAQ® SPT tool is patented.

Both the SPT and our diamond tools are suitable for working with different materials: PET, PMA, PC, PS, POM, light metals…


  • In order to facilitate its operation, we have simplified its operation and by a simple touch, the tools can be changed without the need for a key or extra accessory. With automatic locking safety indicator.
  • It incorporates an anti-breaking system that protects the diamond tool from possible human errors, thus improving the cost of production.
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