TM1072 Hot wire cutter

Detailed Description

This is a new model in the manual series: TM1072. This hot wire cutter is professionally equipped for the cutting of FOAMED / EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE AND POLYURETHANE FOAMS. High quality and heavy-duty machines, whose qualities make them the top on the market. The different metric and angular adjustments allow performing various types of cutting for every building site need. Suitable for panels up to 1,095 mm. No maintenance required. Easy to handle and simple to clean. Designed to work horizontally, but mostly vertically: thanks to its specially provided hooks, it can be anchored firmly to all types of scaffolding. Besides, through the open-option pedestal it can be positioned vertically upon the ground.

TM1072, with their high precision, make the execution of standard panel cutting much easier during the laying reversed roof insulation system. In fact, thanks to an accurate cutting, you will no more incur either the creation of thermal bridges (as required by the existing legislation on energy saving in force), or least of all annoying and polluting crumble from traditional blade cutters or saws. For both straight and angular cutting or even for those with lathe, the result will look sharp and clean as if it had been performed at the factory.

Technical Specifications

  • Cutting length: 1095 mm
  • Cutting depth in mm:  295 double lathe for angles with rule
  • Type of cutting: Angular on all sides of the panel, Straight cutting, Step cutting
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1370 x 530 x 220 mm
  • Absorption: 160 Watt in Low Voltage 50/60 Hz
  • Power Supply: 230 Volt
  • Pull-out bow


  • Strong and light bent sheet frame (14Kg);
  • Long life of the cutting wire tank to the switch-button
  • The wire is only heated at the moment of the cutting, which increases its life. This also helps prevent burns caused by any accidental contact with the wire when the equipment is not being used;
  • Various scales with millimetre and angular graduation with possibility of direct reading and setting of width, depth and of cutting angle;
  • Ease of setting of the cutting height;
  • Slides sliding on ball bearings, no jamming of the guides for an easy and precise execution of cuts;
  • Thanks to its new conception of cut, this machine is equipped with a wire on an appropriate scale, powered by a big transformer (160 WATTS) for providing quick and sharp cutting;
  • Easy replacement of the wire with fast spring loading system;
  • Thanks to the extraction of the bow, the operator can perform perfect cuts (regular or irregular) including freehand.